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Sharpie Pen – Fine Point

Just about everyone is familiar with the Sharpie brand, one of the down falls of the markers that Sharpie produces is that they almost always bleed! I have even seen someone write with one and have permanent stains on their desk! Ya that bad. But still Sharpie is a ever growing and loved company and many people own at least one. This particular Sharpie, the Sharpie Pen, is a pen type marker which writes very smoothly and is a comfortable pen to grip. I find this pen to be unique in that it has a plastic like tip and actually feels like a very finely tipped marker when writing. another another unique feature that I love about this Sharpie is that it does NOT bleed through paper, when I bought this pen I thought that because of how all of the Sharpies I have ever used bleed through this one must also be a “bleeder.” Nope! this marker/pen to my extreme delight does not bleed! I also am very happy that the pen comes in such a variety of colors; Black,

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blue, red, green, purple, and orange. Along with colors comes the choice of “click or cap” this pen comes in both forms. The click version of this pen is a great option although i found it to be a bit more on the pricey. This being said I will recommend this pen to anyone who has a use for a pen and or likes the brand and stile that is Sharpie.


Pentel RSVP Ball Point – fine

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The Pentel RSVP is a very well known pen. I love it because one it has a very unique and comfortable grip, two it has a nice over all look and design, three it glides very smoothly on paper, and four it comes in numerous colors such as black, blue, red, orange, and my personal favorite – Purple! This pen is always around in the house because it happens to be my mothers favorite pen. One and possibly the only flaw that I see in this pen is that the ink tends to clump and so some spots may be thicker and or darker than others, and although this happens with most ball points the clumping feature tends to be frustrating. I recommend this pen, especially the purple color, to any one who enjoys writing with a ball point pen. Also this pen is good for students because it is not to pricey. I will furthermore recommend this pen to business people because it comes in the colors blue and black. The pentel rsvp is also good for left handed folks because of its fast drying habits.

Most people who know anything about pens will look at this pen and think “I don’t want to use that!!! It is only $1.49 for a dozen of them!! It must not work.” But you may be pleasantly surprised, I was. I bought a box of these pens so that I would have some for school and I wouldn’t have to worry about loosing them because they are so cheap. Soon after buying the round stic pens I realized that I was worried about loosing them because, I LOVED THEM! They really are fine pens to use especially for school or work, although I would not recommend using them for drawing simply because they are gel-ink pens. The round stic grip has a unique rubber grip which is surprisingly comfortable to hold. It writes decently but skips on occasion. Overall this is a good pen for someone on a tight budget, or just someone in need of a cheap but useable pen.

Zebra Z-Grip

Zebra Z-Grip, a medium point pen is great as a backup pen. It would not be my first choice, and I’ll tell you why. First, I will tell you about personal preference. I prefer pens, which do not need to be pressed against paper too hard, like – gel pens. I would rather use a liquid ink pen like the Uniball Vision Elite, which takes little pressure to release the liquid ink. Therefore, in conclusion, this is a gel ink pen and if you prefer liquid pens, I do not recommend it. On the other hand, this pen has a comfortable grip and mine has not skipped at all since I got it. Overall, this pen is a good pen, but only if you like gel ink pens!

-The Pen Detective

The Gelly Roll is Back!

The Gelly Roll pink moon light pen is one of my new favorite pens! This pen, for one – is PINK!!!!(How fun is that?!?!?!) Another great benefit of this pen is that it is by far the smoothest writing pen that I have EVER used! The ink flows out of the cartridge smoothly and the ink does not skip. However, the ink comes out so much at a time that it usually takes a bit longer to dry. So, for you left-handed folks out there, it may not be the best choice.L These pens come in MANY different colors, such as bright pink and bright orange!

In my hometown of Missoula, we only have two stores (that I know of) that carry these pens. I got mine at “Noteworthy.” Noteworthy is a new store next to the Wilma theater down town. You can get more information on Noteworthy online at:

I spoke to Hannah at Noteworthy, who told me these pens were first popular in the mid-1990’s. Recently, there has been resurgence. Hannah also told me that these pens glow in black light and are visible on dark paper.  We both agreed that is WAY cool. She cracked me up with a story of one of her friends who will only use these pens and about how she traveled all over Missoula to find them.

According to Hannah, Gelly Rolls have made a comeback. I hope you are able to find one to try soon! I found them for anywhere between $1.30 and $1.50, but encourage you to go to your local store where you can try out all of the cool colors.