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The Pentel RSVP is a very well known pen. I love it because one it has a very unique and comfortable grip, two it has a nice over all look and design, three it glides very smoothly on paper, and four it comes in numerous colors such as black, blue, red, orange, and my personal favorite – Purple! This pen is always around in the house because it happens to be my mothers favorite pen. One and possibly the only flaw that I see in this pen is that the ink tends to clump and so some spots may be thicker and or darker than others, and although this happens with most ball points the clumping feature tends to be frustrating. I recommend this pen, especially the purple color, to any one who enjoys writing with a ball point pen. Also this pen is good for students because it is not to pricey. I will furthermore recommend this pen to business people because it comes in the colors blue and black. The pentel rsvp is also good for left handed folks because of its fast drying habits.