Most people who know anything about pens will look at this pen and think “I don’t want to use that!!! It is only $1.49 for a dozen of them!! It must not work.” But you may be pleasantly surprised, I was. I bought a box of these pens so that I would have some for school and I wouldn’t have to worry about loosing them because they are so cheap. Soon after buying the round stic pens I realized that I was worried about loosing them because, I LOVED THEM! They really are fine pens to use especially for school or work, although I would not recommend using them for drawing simply because they are gel-ink pens. The round stic grip has a unique rubber grip which is surprisingly comfortable to hold. It writes decently but skips on occasion. Overall this is a good pen for someone on a tight budget, or just someone in need of a cheap but useable pen.