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Zebra Z-Grip

Zebra Z-Grip, a medium point pen is great as a backup pen. It would not be my first choice, and I’ll tell you why. First, I will tell you about personal preference. I prefer pens, which do not need to be pressed against paper too hard, like – gel pens. I would rather use a liquid ink pen like the Uniball Vision Elite, which takes little pressure to release the liquid ink. Therefore, in conclusion, this is a gel ink pen and if you prefer liquid pens, I do not recommend it. On the other hand, this pen has a comfortable grip and mine has not skipped at all since I got it. Overall, this pen is a good pen, but only if you like gel ink pens!

-The Pen Detective


I’m Back!!!!

Unfortunately I have not posted for a VERY long time 😦

but now I’m coming back!!!! But I need requests!!!! Soooooo REQUEST!!! That just means ask me (by commenting) to review a certain pen!

-The Pen Detective