Hello, my name is Taylor. I have recently become a fan of pens, I love the way they glide over paper unlike the wooden pencil, so many people have become accustomed to. Pens come in many different brands. Some popular ones are Paper Mate, Zebra, and my personal favorites Uni-ball, and Pilot. Pens also come with different types of cartridges; fountain, ballpoint, gel ink, and liquid ink are some common ones. As well as having varying brands and cartridges, pens have a HUGE variety of color and size, which is part of what makes them so appealing. Equally as important to me is the feel of the pen in my hand.

I use pens to do school work, to make drawings, and to write just about anything else! I was inspired to blog about pens when I saw the web site called “penaddict.” Brad, the gentleman who owns the website, helped me to better understand how to blog (thanks, Brad!). Through this blog I will share with you my thoughts on pens, including how they feel, look and write.